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An indoor UFO, anyone?


Contact has just been established with alien life form.


After centuries of painstaking attempts earth-shattering news came from the International Out There Is Wider Institute:

Audio contact was made with planet Tenderloin from the Great Swine constellation. A mild but clear grunt was detected to be precise. And a bit later an unidentified flying object left the planet towards - hold on to your hats - Earth.
“We are now excited beyond any recognition” - public statement says.

Page updates with the latest news.


As it is getting closer we are now able to tell measure and shape. So in our human terms it looks like a tiny pigmy-saucer that can fit in one’s palm.

“We can hardly wait” - says chief spokesman of International Out There Is Wider Institute.



Pigmy-saucer collides with seagull midair, leaving both in grave danger.
Saucer apparently became inoperable and crash-landed.

In your home.


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