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Are you a game developer?

There is only one way to find out...


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Miratia is a platform of location based games

Create your own game in hours - without serious technical knowledge
Your family, friends or colleagues will undoubtedly love what you create

Write games for your friends and share the fun with them with links or QR-codes (online/downloadable*)
Write games for your colleagues and share the fun with them with links or QR-codes (online/downloadable*)
Write games for everyone. This option needs professional games – meaning real value for Miratia’s users – but don’t forget to convince us to release it (downloadable*)
A Miratia game is a perfect match for birthday party, as a marriage gift, being together with your friends or as a funny quest for your friends or colleagues for team building purposes. Let your own game begin now!

* Online games are free of charge. To make your game downloadable please contact us!

You don’t need more than just some HTML knowledge and we provide you with everything else.

Create your own game by:

⇢ Using the Miratia admin page (only in English)
Create game scenes in your web browser with the Scene Editor.
How hard is that? Not at all mostly, should you have any questions though, do not hesitate to
⇢ contact us .

You can ask even in Hungarian using the thin green line at the bottom of the page.

This video shows how to create your own game:

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