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About us:

Inspired by The Da Vinci Code and National Treasure Miratia is a start-up creating smartphone platform hosting city games of different genres from detective to romantic stories. Miratia city puzzles combine treasure hunt, geocaching, escape rooms with a sightseeing tour.
Our office is located in Budapest, Hungary:
Polgár Street 8-10; building "E" 2nd floor. Budapest, 1033, Hungary.


The Miratia application is distributed by our international business retail company:
ProFM Inc.


If you have technical questions, you have a new game idea or wish to be a game publisher creating your own games using Miratia’s platform, then please send us an e-mail.
We are keen to answer all incoming questions..

⇢ website:
⇢ E-mail: [email protected]

Partnering opportunities
+36 20 336 6048
+36 1 445 2182

Business development
Adam Korbuly at +36 20 579 0119


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Adam Korbuly
Attila Gulyas-Kis
Gabor Szenczi

Msc. Electrical Engineering, graduated also in electro acoustics and studio technics

I’m a big fan a movies, I love music and all novelties. As the only geek in our team my task is to fit things together, to have Miratia always up and running, to ensure stability technically and also in business.

I have never been working in tourism, but I organized many great parties at home and also creating great events runs in my blood. My dream with Miratia is to bring in the mood of action, adventure and fantasy movies into all everyday people’s sightseeing experience, to help them feel they are the main characters of all stories.

As I love composing music you can find many of them in our games and advertisements and clips. Listen to them carefully!

Reading, writing and reading again just as we breathe in and out. And fiction through eternity since ‘could be’ is always more exciting than ‘is’. I am a coffee drinker, my favourite colour is red and my friends call me like: come here please.


Tea or coffee? Red wine

"Without flowing wine
How to enjoy lovely
Cherry blossoms?"


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