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Inspired by The Da Vinci Code and National Treasure Miratia is a smartphone platform hosting city games of different genres from detective to romantic stories.

treasure huntingvwith miratia

Treasure hunting

In all stories you will search for several interesting places in the city where something (a piece of information, a puzzle or a quest) waits for you.

Miratia is like escape room games

Escape rooms

Imagine the entire city as site of the biggest escape game ever where you will reveal hidden secrets and solve challenges to reach your final goal.

Miratia uses the same GPS technique as geocaching


The key of the City games is the GPS of your smartphone. The scenes of the stories are connected to GPS coordinates which you need to find on the spot and if you are in the right place your phone will show you the next scene in the story.

Every story has a gripping story to solve

A gripping story to solve:

The base of every City Game is a story. There are different styles: from history games through murders till lovely romantic stories. Depending on your mood you can choose from our games.

Do you have any questions about Miratia sightseeing games?

Do you want to know more?

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Miraita sightseeing games helps you discover the city


Our City Puzzles will guide you through the nicest and famous locations of London, Paris, Budapest, Venice or Rome and many other cities.
All these together create a smartphone app which gives you an opportunity to spend great time with your friends or family while discovering the city, playing and having fun.

Choose your city

Miratia locations


All locations: English, German, French, Italian, Russian
*Hungarian: only in Budapest, Visegrád, Balatonföldvár
*Spanish: in Venice, Rome and Paris

Nice memories with people you love

You can spend a great afternoon with your family or friends while you discover the chosen story and the best places of the city centre. Based on our experience 2-3 people for a smartphone and 2-5 people for a tablet is most convenient.

Of course as you play you also do sightseeing, just like if you were going to a sightseeing tour. The routes of our games are passing through the most beautiful streets of the historical downtown of the city– but in an extraordinary presentation.

What is needed to play Miratia?



IOS or Android


Download the game


Florins to play


Players said about Miratia

  • ‘The frame story of the games are witty, the ‘tasks’ and the length of the game were harmonic furthermore the game guided us through the nicest places of downtown, the festivefloodlight boosted the sight. All participants reported positively and they will recommend the games to their friends.'

    Erika Csilla Lippai, Oney Hungary

  • ‘It was great!’

    Rita Herwerth

  • ‘We spent the time in a good mood, I would play again.’

    Lorand Sebok

Share the experience, play for free

With the Miratia smartphone treasure hunt games you can explore the city while having fun with your loved ones: your family, your friends or your partner.
Help your friends explore the world of Miratia and give them a fantastic experience! They will be grateful for your suggestion and you will get 50 gratis Florins in return for each successful download, so everybody wins.
More invites means more free Florins!
Inviting 5 friends means one free full professional game for you worths 250 Florin
More information in the app.


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