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Own city game for your business

The development of tourism goes into the direction of self entertaining technologies like Miratia, utilizing smartphones and having fun in smaller groups right on the spot.
If you want to impress your visitors with an own Miratia game, then please feel free to contact us, we will create it for you.
Miratia games run outside in your city or inside in your building or even combined.


Enhance your service

Local multimedia content with high quality voice coverage, illustration, pictures and with much fun.

escape room

brand new

Overtake your competitors by using the technology of 21th century.

treasure hunting

Extra service

Make extra profit or provide it for free. It is all up to you.


Target new audiences

E.g.: people who can’t spend a moment without their smartphones

You are just some weeks away from having your own Miratia game. The sooner you call us the sooner you will get it.

Become a distribution partner, make money with us

The city games consist of a couple of scenes which the player can reach by solving puzzles, mind-breakers and logical quests. Everything happens on the spot, there are tasks to count or find hidden things which are just before our eyes, but… .

This is the point when the distributing partner comes in picture:

Become a reseller of our QR-code cards – containing Miratian Florins that is the in-game credit – to your guests. So they gain extra services, they will be able to discover the highlights of the city from an interesting, different point of view, fully in accordance with their own timetable, and in return – you receive commission-based extra income.
To become a Miratia Partner, or if you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

Contact us

Balint Dobai

Partner manager

Phone: +36 50 116 1113

⇢ E-mail: [email protected]

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